The best piano teacher

But allowing that he has the signs within him of all these needful qualities, or at least he thinks he has, and he decides to take up the study of the piano seriously, he has then to make up his mind about his first practical necessity, and this is undoubtedly to go and learn with the very best teacher he can procure. There is nothing that helps so much as to bereally well taught from the very beginning. So many artists have had to go through irksome and irritating labour in later life, and lost much valuable time in having to undo the effects of bad tuition in student days.

Who is the best piano teacher

It is therefore an enormous benefit to the beginner if whoever is responsible for his education insists on his being sent from the outset to a really good and experienced professor. At this early stage, also, I estimate it as most important that the student, though he should work regularly and conscientiously, should not study for too long at a time.Personally I have always found that two hours at a stretch of careful practice is quite enough at one sitting, and it is far better to do several periods of work in the day of shorter duration than to be at it for many hours together. The mind and ear only become confused after a protracted time of work by the constant blur of sound and then the practising degenerates into merely senseless repetitions without discrimination. Besides which the fatigue and strain put upon the nerves by such protracted study are very injurious to the young student’s health, and tend to impair his constitution before any of the wear and tear of his profession begin.