Common mistakes at piano and advices for pianists

Tips and advices for pianists to avoid common mistakes at piano.

WHEN a student comes to play to the artist with whom he desires to study, how often does he ask, when he has finished his performance Master, what I really want you to tell me is, whether I have any very serious faults in my playing? Serious faults in his playing! Poor fellow! He probably has several which he has not yet discovered himself, and which most likely no one has ever drawn his attention to.

What, then, are some of the most common faults, and at the same time some of the worst of those which students of the piano may fall into unsuspectingly through careless tuition? Well, these are many and various, and are generally very difficult to eradicate. Moreover, they beset the most talented players, just as much as their less gifted brethren.

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