• Piano is one of the most important and complex music instrument. In this web site there are many tips and info about how to play the piano.

    • Learning well how to play the piano takes time and effort
    • Understanding music is more than just to play some music pieces well
    • Make certain your teacher or lesson book is including time spent learning chords
    • Your fingers will suffer if you don’t play for even seven days.
    • Playing piano should be pure enjoyme
    • You have to play with your body, mind and hands fully relaxed.
    • It is very important and will make you a better pianist if your piano teacher says to you to study a difficult piece.

    Keep studying until you have learned the right hand play through the whole piece
    Avoid to learn a whole piece all at once
    Past mistakes use to return when you are playing the piece later on
    Don’t play any piece at normal speed until you’re secure in your notes and fingering
    Play the piano piece many times until you learn it by memory and you can play it very well
    When you can think the notes you know every note that you are playing
    Take a melody that you have heard on TV, for example, and then play it just using your ear
    Learn to know every note you are playing.
    Considerations about playing | studying piano
    Just playing rhythmically makes a piece sound a lot better
    The main thing is to overcome repetition and hesitation and learn to play a piece through smoothly when you’re performing it
    Paying with other people in ensembles is an excellent idea too
    Try making the best of things when you’re playing an inferior instrument
    Play through new pieces using the chords written above the grand staff
    Use your left hand to play octaves and your right hand to play the chord